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If your feeling like a mom, go and brush your shoulders off…

So this morning at 5am I realized I had forgotten to pick up breakfast items for my husband. Normally not a big deal because lucky for me I have the husband that roles with the punches and will just throw something together or pick something up…Sadly though he has started a get fit for summer program that I’m trying to offer my support to by making healthy breakfast, snack and dinner options. SHOOT! So rather then making him starve after his 6am workout I put my little man “McCarthy” back to sleep after his early morning feeding 🙂 and threw together the perfect last minute breakfast option- Easy Granola Barshttp://allrecipes.com/Recipe/Easy-Granola-Bars/Detail.aspx?prop31=6.

These bars are the perfect option when you need something quick and easy. You can also make them a bit healthier by changing the butter to coconut oil and changing the chocolate chips to carob chips.

When my husband got back from his workout he was rather impressed with my early morning baking .I won’t lie I wasn’t humble in the least , I responded with yep I’m you have a pretty freaken amazing wife!




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