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I’m so in love with you already…



So we have decided to let you in on our big news! We are expecting baby #2 this November and couldn’t be more excited! I’m 9 weeks today and although things are still very small and new, I really wanted to share the news and my journey from start to finish with you. I apologize for my lack of blog posts these past few weeks. Energy has been at an all time low, but I’m beginning to feel normal again, and seeing the little heartbeat today brought so much joy and the realization that this is really happening! 

Let the adventures begin~~*


  1. Jillian says:

    Best news ever!!! Can't wait for another niece or nephew!! But I have a strange feeling it's a niece this time!! haha! Keep the pictures coming!!! xox

  2. Allie says:

    Congratulations!! I have a 23 month old boy and an 8 week old girl. They are the lights of my life! 🙂 Start mentally preparing though.. 2 is WAY more work than one. Hopefully you have grandparents nearby to lend a hand. My (unsolicited *wink) advice is get baby into a routine as soon as you get home from the hospital – none of this 'on demand' business, although it will happen anyway when baby is cluster feeding. Also, before baby comes, write out your ideal day with both. That way you have a routine to shoot for. The Baby Whisperers "E.A.S.Y" works for us. You should do it beforehand because once baby comes, it's sun up to sun down parenting, laundry, tidying, cooking. You could try registering for the Veg meal plan at http://www.thefresh20.com to streamline weekday dinners. And make sure you have a solid laundry system because there is a lot of it. Watching siblings bond and having another baby in the house is the BEST feeling but no one gave the other side of it to me straight. Get ready and enjoy the beautiful, occassionally chaotic ride 🙂 xo

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