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Immune Boosting Cranberry Dessert Smoothie


Swearing off desserts, alcohol, and basically any other type of food enjoyment is fairly common after the holidays, but what happens when your body rejects and fights you on this decision? In most cases, just hours after you have sworn off the treats! Do I think there is merit to eliminating things for a time or cutting back on too many treats? Absolutely! But I also believe in balance and eating delicious fresh things your body will crave, benefit from, and—most importantly—enjoy!

Since having Adelaide, I feel like my perspective on food and the decisions we make as females has become so important to me. Not that it wasn’t with the boys, but I now am deeply aware that one day Adelaide will realize her mom either has a healthy or unhealthy relationship with food. I want her to grow up seeing a mom who doesn’t turn down dessert, enjoys wine, and does not stress over food, instead maintaining a healthy balance and teaching her children how amazing fresh foods are! I don’t eat a lot of packaged food because I genuinely don’t enjoy it and would much rather have a raw dessert or something homemade instead of cheap, processed food that lacks nutrition. Desserts can be fantastic things to add to your weekly menu, especially if they are packed with nutrition.


This refreshing smoothie is the perfect after-dinner treat, and it will keep your health goals on track. This time of year I love adding smoothies that not only taste delicious but also benefit our bodies by boosting our systems. Cranberries are a great way to give that immune system an extra boost and help eliminate stress in the body by lowering your blood pressure. Top with some homemade chocolate shavings and enjoy~~*



Immune Boosting Cranberry Dessert Smoothie

Serves 2



All my delicious ingredients were purchased at Nature’s Fare Kelowna


Optional: For more citrus flavor, add 1 orange. You can also add protein powder and chocolate shavings for toppings.




Place all ingredients in blender and blend on medium speed until mixture is smooth.

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    Have any thoughts between doterra and young living essential oils? I currently use young living and am wondering what the difference is?

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