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How To Improve Your Health This Year



One of the things I’ve learned in the eight years I have been in the fitness industry is that health is a journey and everyone is going at their own pace. The decisions I made for my family even two years ago have changed drastically compared to my decisions today. These decisions and life changes over these past eight years came with lots of reading, testing things out, and changing things along the way. I found that when I made slow and wise decisions in terms of my health, my body responded better and the outcome was far more positive than quick fixes were. I don’t believe in the magic pill, the quick fix, or the cleanse that will have you looking like J. Lo by Monday. Health and wellness is about consistency and dedication to making the best decisions we can. As you prepare for a new year, think simple! What are some simple things you could change this year to have the greatest impact on your overall health?

Here are a few of my simple ideas for your daily life that will improve your health in the upcoming year.


Morning greens.


One of the best ways to improve health is to start with the gut. By adding green shakes to your morning routine, you help to make your body alkaline and support healthy hormone production in your body. By drinking greens first thing in the a.m., you also reduce cravings throughout the day due to your fiber intake and the hormone balance the greens create. Start off with about 6 oz. of greens a day and try to work up to 16 oz. Drink them 20 minutes before your morning coffee. You can make your greens at home or buy them in a powder form. My favorite is Genuine Health’s Fermented Greens. It’s packed full of nutrition and is super easy to make. Go with the acai berry flavor! If you want to make them at home, here is my favorite morning greens shake.

 Green Drink.

8 oz. water

Half lemon

½ apple

½ pear or banana

Handful of spinach

Handful of Romaine

½ cup cucumber

¼ stalk celery

And a bit of parsley (Parsley is great for detoxing the body, so be careful with how much you put in to start.)


More protein, less sugar.



This was one of my biggest areas of opportunity when I started getting back into shape after having my first son. I was a busy mom just trying to grab anything to eat in between diapers and breastfeeding. The first thing my trainer told me when she looked at what I was eating was “Put down the granola bars!” Now not all granola bars are bad, but what this trainer was saying was “You’re taking in too much sugar and not giving the body what it really needs.” I was constantly tired, couldn’t drop the baby weight, and felt like I was basically eating nothing. When we fuel our bodies with healthy nutrition, it starts operating like a well-oiled machine and gives us the energy and strength we need. Adding simple changes like healthier morning snacks will boost your metabolism and cut those sugar cravings. Here is one of my favorite breakfast snacks because they are super simple and easy to make. I usually make a big batch Monday morning that I can use for a couple days at a time.

 Breakfast cookies or Breakfast muffin

½ cup free-range egg whites

½ cup of quick oats (You can add more or less if the batter is too thick or too thin.)

½ a banana or 1 apple

Cinnamon to flavor

Place in oven preheated to 350 degrees for 10-12 minutes. Once fully baked, brush with coconut oil and enjoy.

 Stop the bloating.


One of the most common things I hear about from our clients is the amount of bloating they experience before coming on my VIP program. Although every client’s situation is individual, changing small things throughout your day can really have a large effect on your gut. One of the biggest changes you can make is to change when you eat certain foods such as fruit. Our bodies’ stomach acids are the most ideal for fruit first thing in the morning. Simply switching our fruit intake from grazing throughout the day to just eating it in the morning can have a very positive effect on the bloating we experience. So if I you can’t eat fruit for your afternoon snack, what else is there!?

I’m a huge fan of healthy fats and their effect on our blood sugar levels, so I tend to use them for a lot of my afternoon snacking. Here are a couple simple ideas for afternoon snacking!

 Veggie’s Almonds

12 raw almonds

mixed bag of veggies

 Peanut Butter Chocolate Smoothie

1  cup almond milk

1 large handful of spinach

1 scoop Genuine Health Chocolate protein powder

1 scoop of peanut butter or PB2

Blend until smooth and enjoy

 Peanut Butter Energy Balls

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