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Interval Training Workouts - Daily Routine Fitness

Interval training workouts are characterized by high-intensity bursts of exercise followed by low-intensity exercise or periods of rest. Interval training in general has been medically proven to take a person’s fitness to a new level, and will burn more fat and calories than a slow, steady workout.  Results come quickly when you keep your body guessing and intervals are a great way to accomplish that. As a warning this isn’t for the faint of heart.  Depending on your current fitness level, this may result in loosing your lunch! Here are some great interval workouts to get you started, or check out the benefits of interval training.

The Basics

Most of your current exercise routines can be easily modified into interval training workouts. All that’s typically missing are the intentional bursts of high-intensity exercise. Think about the sports that you commonly participate in, many of which are made up of continual interval sets. You chase a soccer ball hard for 20 seconds, then you walk for 10 seconds. You skate hard after the puck for a 2 minute shift, then rest on the bench for 2 minutes.  For example, stair interval training or sprinting workouts may be a simple way of incorporating interval training into your workouts. You may currently set the stair climber at the gym to a certain speed and put one foot in front of the other for 30 minutes. Instead, try finding an actual set of stairs, jog up one flight, followed by walking down one flight. Repeat this 10 times and compare your physical exertion levels to that of your normal slow and steady stair walking routine. If results are what you are after, then interval training workouts will be a great addition to your current fitness regiment.

How Will My Body Respond to Interval Training Workouts?

By pushing your body into the anaerobic zone (where you are gasping for breath), you can trigger many different responses that will be of benefit. Increased fat burning is one of the key interval training benefits, along with the heightened production of human growth hormone (HGH), which continues to burn calories well after your workout is over. Along with fat and calorie burning, interval training workouts help your body withstand an increased build-up of lactic acid. As a defence mechanism, lactic acid prevents permanent muscle damage from happening during extreme exertion, so a higher tolerance level is key if you want to spend more time working out at high levels. In general, we all know that the work we put in determines the results we will see. Our bodies have an amazing way of adapting, over time, to the same workout routine, thus producing minimal results. By continuously changing intensity levels during your workouts, you are challenging your body to perform outside of its normal capacity, thus heightening your level of endurance and fitness. Want to learn more, check out these additional benefits of interval training.

Start Slow

Before starting any interval training workouts, it is highly recommended that you consult your healthcare practitioner, especially if you have any chronic health issues. By increasing the level of intensity in your exercise, there are always risk factors involved, including injury. If you have never done interval training before, start slow by adding one interval exercise into your current workout routine. Monitor your heart rate to ensure you are staying within a safe range for your age and fitness level. Overall, have some fun with it and experiment! Interval training is a great way to keep things fresh and remove the stagnancy that can become of your workout routine!

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