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The benefits of interval training make it clear why interval training workouts are a must-have in your regular fitness routine. It’s easy to stick with a certain style of workout when it’s actually working! The concept of interval training has been around for decades, and it doesn’t matter whether you are a professional athlete or just starting to explore the world of fitness, this proven technique is guaranteed to produce results…and FAST!

6 Key Benefits Of Interval Training

No Equipment Needed

Use what is accessible to you at the time, even if it’s only a pair of running shoes. You don’t need a gym full of equipment to get your heart pumping. Try simple exercises like high knees, burpees, or even basic sprints, coupled with short periods of rest, to complete effective interval training workouts.

Time Efficient

Get your workout done quicker! By including high intensity bursts of exercise into your routine, you effectively gain the same results in a shorter period of time compared to slow endurance training. Who couldn’t use a few extra minutes in a day?

Fat Burning

The calorie burning doesn’t stop when your interval workout is done. Due to the high intensity nature of the workout, your body continues to burn calories right through to the next day. By activating your bodies repair cycle, even while resting after your workout, your body will keep on burning fat.

Boosts Metabolism

While working out at high levels, your body increases the production of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) which promotes your metabolism and continues to burn fat up to 24 hours after your workout is complete. The goal is to continue to burn calories while your outer body is resting, thus prolonging the positive effects of your interval workout.

Increased Lactic Acid Tolerance

As a defence mechanism, lactic acid prevents permanent muscle damage from happening during extreme exertion, so a higher tolerance level is key if you want to spend more time working out at high levels. Interval training workouts help your body withstand an increased build-up of lactic acid, so as you continue over time to increase the intensity levels of your workouts, your body will be able to keep up without needing long periods of rest.


If you are looking to change up your boring, stagnant workout routine…look no further. If you commit to pushing as hard as you can during the burst portion of your intervals, there is no way you’ll walk away from your workout feeling complacent like you used to. You’ll be the one at the gym who is red in the face, gasping for air, and people are going to wish their workout was doing the same for them.

Get More Out Of Life

The benefits of interval training are quite clear, making this fitness technique a no brainer to add to your regular workout routine. When your body is strong and healthy, and your mind is clear, you put yourself in the position to be the best mom, husband, employee or friend. Promoting a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your family goes way further than the gym walls, it could actually impact generations as your kids practice health and fitness with their kids.

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