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Daily-Routine-Ready-Set-GoIf you are looking for a simple way of conditioning your body, sprinting workouts are about as straightforward as they come! But don’t be fooled into thinking these workouts won’t be effective just because they require only limited technical ability. Running sprints, if done correctly, will leave you gasping for breath—or potentially over the nearest garbage can. Thankfully, the results are worth it! Think you are strong? Keep reading…

Getting Started

Sprinting isn’t for the faint of heart, and it requires some basic preparation:

  1. Please make sure you have a decent pair of running shoes. If you’ve been wearing the same runners since high school, and you’re past your 10-year high school reunion, you might want to invest in a new pair. In all seriousness, to properly support your body, you need a pair of running shoes that fit well and offer the proper stability for your legs, back, and core.
  2. Don’t underestimate the benefit of a good warm-up prior to running as hard as you can. If you think you can lace up your shoes with a completely cold body and just start tearing the track up, think again! Spend 10-15 minutes lightly jogging, and incorporate exercises like high knees, butt kicks, and walking lunges into your pre-sprint routine. You want your muscles warm and ready to explode when you begin your sprinting workouts.
  3. Make sure you hydrate! If you run hard, you are going to sweat hard. And there is nothing worse than a major muscle cramp due to dehydration!!
  4. Plan your workout ahead of time. If you are doing sprint drills, memorize the sequence of sprints and the rest time in between. Don’t waste time walking back over to your iPhone so you can check out what the next exercise is. Remember, sprinting is all about bursts of speed followed by calculated rest periods. (FYI, these “rest periods” don’t mean surfing your Instagram or updating your Facebook status.)

The Benefits Of Sprinting Workouts

  • No equipment needed!
  • Cost Effective – no gym membership required.
  • Time Efficient – sprinting workouts, due the their short, intense bursts, can be accomplished quickly.
  • A great addition/complement to your current weight-lifting workout routines.
  • Strengthens your legs, abs, back, and overall core.
  • Burns calories like crazy, and increases your cardiovascular endurance.
  • You might start looking like a sprinter!

Sample Workouts

Here are some basic sprint drills to get you started.

  1. 5 x 200m sprints. Between each 200m sprint, take 2 – 2 1/2 minutes to walk back to your starting position.
  2. The sprint ladderTasha Sprinting
    1. 20m sprint – 80m walk
    2. 30m sprint – 70m walk
    3. 40m sprint – 60m walk
    4. 50m sprint – 50m walk
    5. 60m sprint – 40m walk
    6. 70m sprint- 30m walk
    7. 80m sprint- 20m walk
    8. 70m sprint – 30m walk
    9. 60m sprint – 40m walk
    10. 50m sprint – 50m walk
    11. 40m sprint – 60m walk
    12. 30m sprint – 70m walk
    13. 20m sprint – 80m walk

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Sprinter Weight Loss Workout Video

Endurance Sprinter Workout Video


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