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Massage Giveaway!




 Nothing feels better after a long workout than a relaxing message! With all the heavy training I’ve been doing lately, I have made it a priority to spend more time relaxing and releasing the tension in my muscles. Relaxation massage is known to improve sleep, produce energy, help to reduce illness, help us concentrate and highten our patience levels.   My friend Whitney recently opened up her own business (Designer Massage) and we decided to join forces and help people relax and shake off their winter stiffness.  So we are doing a free message giveaway! For the next three days all we ask is that people leave a brief comment below and share the blog post on a social media site “Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.” The winner will be chosen at random Monday morning! The more comments and shares the better chance you have to win!  Also check out Whitney’s Facebook page by clicking on the message logo under the sponsorship section and like her page!

Let the comments begin!








Whitney completed her schooling in Australia, at an internationally accredited College in 2007, and graduated with a Diploma of Spa and Massage Therapy. She has worked at high-end luxury spas abroad and in Kelowna. Whitney launched her new business on December 1, 2012. She has enjoyed and gained knowledge working alongside great RMT’s and Wellness Practitioners, and gained valuable experience working in a chiropractic office. She takes pride in creating a nurturing, comfortable and relaxing environment. Her focus is providing Swedish relaxation massage tailored to meet and exceed your specific needs. She is looking forward to connecting with her future clients and excited to bring her experience to Kelowna.


  1. Lauren Ozanne says:

    Always love finding motivation in your blog posts also all the yummy treat recipes really help me stay on track with a healthy life style! Thanks for being fabulous!

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