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matters of the heart – jealousy




Happy Sunday everyone! Over the next month, my focus for the blog is going to be on immune support. What are the best immune boosting foods, drinks, supplement, vitamins and activities? Also, what are some of the things we take part in every day that could be causing our immune system heavy trauma.

Today my focus is on heart health. I’ve titled these series of posts “Matters of the heart” because I believe this is the number 1 place to start with our health and wellness.  The topic for today…Jealously!  I chose this subject to talk about first because it’s something I deal with on a daily bases and I’m sure many of you do as well.

-You feel it when you’re walking down the beach and the girl passing you is rocking that bikini

-You feel it when your friends business becomes more successful then your own

-You feel it when you see your friends children constantly succeeding 

                                                                 And the list goes on…

Although we may down-play jealousy and try to pawn it off as harmless, it is actually quite dangerous. It shapes our attitudes towards other people, and keeps us from loving, serving, and celebrating with the people we love. Eventually jealously will take complete hold of your heart and you find yourself in a race against this person, without them even knowing about it. Jealousy eventually becomes resentment. Resentment is something that requires justification, so we go looking for good reasons why we resent them. Once we have convinced ourselves, we are safe! There is no need for us to resolve our feelings because we know that they’re perfectly justified. We find friends to talk/discuss/gossip about our jealousy/resentment and they assure us we have grounds for our feelings. Sound familiar? Who do you secretly resent? Dig Deep! Be honest. Is it your partner? Friend? Co-Worker? Even your kids?

The reality is that whoever it is that stirs your jealousy is not really the source of the problem. The heart of jealousy comes from wanting recognition. The reason you resent _____ has nothing to do with them. The problem is you are not getting what you want.

So what do we do?

Ridding the heart of jealousy begins with taking a long hard look in the mirror, not across the room, street or table, but directly in the mirror. To guard yourself against jealousy, you’ve got to celebrate the success, size and stuff that you have tended to envy. You need to go out of your way to verbally express your congratulations over others success and accomplishments. This must become a habit!

Celebrating the success of others will help you conquer those emotions that have the potential to drive a wedge in the relationship. Don’t wait until you feel like celebrating others, celebrate until you feel like it.

Refuse to be taken prisoner by emotions that don’t reflect reality 

Celebrate the achievements of others that may reflect negatively on you…or so you think. Does their success make you look unaccomplished? Will others think you should have tried harder? Did they steal your thunder?

Let it go! There is something powerful and liberating about celebrating the success’ of others. It keeps your heart free and clear. The moment we allow jealousy to take hold of our heart, our relationships start to suffer and walls immediately go up. We isolate ourselves from relationship where we could have learned very valuable lessons and we shut ourselves off from love and joy that life has for us.

This subject is very near and dear to my heart because I am constantly challenged in this area…but I have made a decision to keep my jealousy in check. When I read Andy Stanley’s book “Enemies of The Heart” I was challenged in a profound and humbling way in many areas of my life. I have been the jealous friend and have also been on the receiving end of jealousy.  It has been almost 2 years since I started this blog and with that I chose to be open my life and personal goals up to the world. What I wasn’t expecting was the gossip, story telling and unsupportive comments that people would make to my face and behind my back. Whether “talkers” think their words will be heard or not, they usually make their way around, and in the end hurts. Through this, I have had huge support along with the negative responses, and I truly believe every situation has been a learning experience to teach me to keep my own mouth shut about others, celebrate others and keep my heart free and clear in order to enjoy my life. Let’s put these good habits into practice and set ourselves free from the things that hold us back from health and happiness. There is no greater health decision you could make for your immune system then happiness!


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  1. jillian buechi says:

    Thank you for being so open and honest. If we truly look at ourselves we all have this tendency…some more than others sure, but it is a part of our human nature. Dealing with it and keeping it in check is so important like you point out!

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