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Prepping For The Big 2



Tonight we are in full prep mode to celebrate Bennett’s 2nd birthday tomorrow! Although this year’s celebration is not based around the Movember theme, I wanted to re-share last year’s post on Bennett’s birthday because I will be baking the same cake again this year. This delicious gluten-free alternative has been used for many celebrations and never fails to be a hit! Enjoy~~*

Bennet’s Movember Birthday



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Ethics Statement: Nature’s Fare Markets is a sponsor of Daily Routine Fitness and we do purchase or receive most of the ingredients for our recipes from them. However, It is still our choice which ingredients we choose to use and why. We would never compromise our quality or integrity to satisfy a sponsor! However, it just so happens that Nature’s Fare Markets is a great place to buy healthy food!  To learn more about, please visit their website –   http://www.naturesfare.com/

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