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Protect Their Skin


We shouldn’t have to worry about what is in the products we put on our children’s skin. But recently many companies have been forced to reveal that they have included harmful ingredients in their baby products. These products are now known to contain ingredients that can cause cancer and hormone imbalances. When I look at Adelaide’s soft little skin, I can’t imagine putting these harmful ingredients on her. Skin is her largest organ, which is working to help keep her body strong and healthy.


If you can’t eat it, don’t use it! Although this saying may seem a little extreme, it makes a lot of sense when we are talking about the innocent little skin of our babies and the chemicals we are allowing their bodies to digest through their skin every day. The good news is, however, that there are some fantastic companies producing some of the most amazing products for our little ones.


Over the next couple months I’m going to be adding a whole new section to our site called Products I Love. Under this title will be products I use and love for myself, Troy, Adelaide, and the boys. My hope is to make your health journey as smooth as possible while you experiment and learn new tips and tricks.


I recently discovered Carina Organics, and I absolutely love them. This company takes a lot of pride in making sure its products come from the highest quality ingredients and that it preserves nature in its harvesting process. Its products are also free of synthetic substitutes and include fresh and amazing-smelling ingredients.


For more information on these ingredients, check out Carinaorganics.com or visit NaturesFare.com

Photography By: Rebecca Siewert


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