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Readers Questions

 Hello and Happy Sunday everyone!  

One of my favourite moments this weekend was spending quality time with McCarthy. On Saturday, Troy woke up feeling a little under the weather, so while Bennett and Daddy napped, McCarthy and I headed outside to get some much needed fresh air. Sometimes I think we get so run down and busy with the demands of our lives that we forget to breath and take in the simple things that life has for us. As I stood out in the snow and watched McCarthy shovel snow ONTO our sidewalk (hehe) I took a deep breath and watched McCarthy’s face light up with the sight of snow falling once again! I felt the frustrations of sickness, lack of sleep and the weeks demands leave my body in that moment. I was again reminded, by the smile on McCarthy’s face, how important stepping away from the issues of life is and enjoying the simple pleasures that are right in front of us. So as you are starting yet another week remember…Life is like sky and with every sky there are clouds (filled with lessons) but every cloud has to move on. 

Goodbye cloud of sickness! 


I’ve been receiving lots of questions through e-mail and facebook, so I thought instead of answering them privately I would answer them here on the blog to spread the love of information! If you have a question please email me! I will answer them throughout the week and keep them anonymous unless you state other wise.


Question #1-

What are good snacks to eat after a work out?

Within 15 minutes of completing your workout, your muscles are like sponges waiting to refill their glycogen stores. So for effective rebuilding and recovery of muscles, eat a carb- and protein-rich snack that’s very low in fat. After a 30-minute workout try combining a mixture of carbs and high protein foods. The protein is going to aid in the recovery, repair and building of your muscle. Fats are also a great add on to your pre workout snacks. They slowly enter the blood stream giving you longer lasting energy throughout your workout.


Favourite recovery snack

half banana

1 scoop chocolate protein

1 scoop peanut butter

6oz almond,rice or coconut milk

add ice cubes

blend and enjoy



Question #2

What do I eat as a pre-workout snack?

For me the simpler the snack the more likely I’m going to eat it. As a mother of two I don’t have a lot of time during my busy week to be creative. So I keep it simple and stay successful. Here are my favourite pre-workout snacks.

Apple with 10 raw unsalted almonds-keep these items in your car for those times when your on the go and need a quick snack. This snack is a great option before a boot camp or high cardio workout.

Brown rice cake with a lean protein and veggies-This quick digesting carb is going to give you the energy your body needs for the workout. Combined with your lean protein source and slow digesting carbohydrate (veggies) your body is set up for energy, muscle and mental fuel.

Quick oats with nuts and topped with some fresh berries-Oatmeal is a whole grain, which means it will keep your blood sugar stable during your workout. Eating oatmeal about an hour before your workout will keep you full, even when you’re burning calories. Add a handful of blueberries or another type off fruit to the oatmeal to add more carbohydrates to your snack. Fruit contains glucose, which will provide a fast burst of energy, while oatmeal will provide the glycogen that improves your stamina.

Fats are also a great add on to your pre workout snacks. They slowly enter the blood stream giving you longer lasting energy throughout your workout. 


Question #3

How do I add more healthy fats to my diet?

There is a lot of simple ways to add healthy fats to your diet. Throw some avocado in your protein shakes, add nuts to your snacks but my favourite is coconut oil! I daily add this item to my protein shakes for its amazing fat properties and numerous health benefits.


What are the health benefits of coconut oil?


Studies have show that intake of coconut oil can help our bodies mount resistance to both viruses and bacteria that can cause illness. Even more, it also can help to fight off yeast, fungus, and Candida.


Coconut oil can also positively affect our hormones for thyroid and blood sugar control. People who take coconut oil also tend to have improvements in how they handle blood sugar, for coconut can help improve insulin use within the body. Coconut oil can boost thyroid function helping to increase metabolism, energy and endurance. It increases digestion and helps to absorb fat-soluble vitamins.


Can coconut oil reduce cholesterol?


Coconut oil has a saturated fat called lauric acid, a type of MCT. It has been shown that lauric acid increases the good HDL cholesterol in the blood to help improve cholesterol ratio levels.  Coconut oil lowers cholesterol by promoting its conversion to pregnenolone, a molecule that is a precursor to many of the hormones our bodies need. Coconut can help restore normal thyroid function. When the thyroid does not function optimally, it can contribute to higher levels of bad cholesterol.


How does coconut help keep weight balanced?


Coconut fats have special fats called medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). It has been shown that breaking down these types of healthy fats in the liver leads to efficient burning of energy. One 2009 study found that women who consumed 30 milliliters (about 2 tablespoons) of coconut oil daily for 12 weeks not only did not gain more weight, but actually had lowered amounts of abdominal fat, a type of fat that is difficult to lose, and contributes to more heart problems.

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