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Nutritional Goals: Create Healthy Cheat Nights

One of the most important factors in meal planning is making room for a cheat or “reward” meal. Often when we see success happening on the scale or inches being lost, we don’t want to screw it up and avoid indulging in anything. Or you could be on the other end of the spectrum: you’re really struggling with getting used to your new healthy lifestyle and just need a break. Whatever your situation, make sure to make room for reward meals. A reward meal helps to boost our metabolism by spiking our carbs and causing the body to have to work harder to burn off what we ate. It’s a shock effect on our body that we want to use in the most positive way possible. However, something to keep in mind is that reward meals can often cause water retention and fluctuation on the scale due to the increase in carbs and sugars. But don’t be alarmed! You will burn this off throughout the week in your workouts. One of the best ways to see success on the scale and still enjoy that reward meal is to stay away from processed food by making your own meals. When we eat real food with real sugars, our bodies can use it for energy and fuel, and we don’t experience the same poor side effects we get from eating candy bars and ice cream.

Your goal this week is to plan and make your cheat meal! Stick with natural sugars like honey, maple syrup, and coconut sugar. For some great ideas, have a look at the food section on the blog on Daily Routine Fitness. Track how you feel after this ‘healthy’ reward meal, compared to meals in the past when you ate whatever you wanted.

Workout Goals: Recovery week – Lower Reps, Shorter Sets

For this week, simply repeat week 6’s workouts, but lower your reps by 3 and cut out all cardio. This will aloow the body to recover, heal and prepare for a more intense week 8.

  1. MondayMan Maker Workout Video
  2. TuesdayTreadmill Workout
  3. WednesdayJillian Harris Leg Challenge
  4. Thursday: Bicep Tricep Time Under Tension Written Workout
  5. FridayBody Weight Abs 500 Written Workout


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