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Nutritional Goals: Create Healthy Cheat Nights

Okay, we have had seven weeks to plan, prep and prepare for this! This is your big week. This week I want you to focus on keeping every area of your goals in check. That means food, workouts, and mental focus. When I say no compromise, that means no compromise! We are creating new healthy habits here, and I know you’re ready for this. So when your girlfriends ask you out for that midweek wine, go—but skip the wine! When your partner wants to just curl up with some ice cream and have you take an extra reward meal, don’t do it! Of course curl up on the couch, but pick up some Greek yogurt and practice that willpower you have developed. If work is demanding and doesn’t leave you time for workouts, set that alarm clock 30 minutes earlier and get your butt out of bed! Pick 3 moves—for example, jump squats, burpees, and crunches—and do all 3 for 45-60 seconds each and continue to rotate for 30 minutes.

Give yourself 5-10 minutes a day to breathe, clear your head, and set your mind on the goal for the day. If driving in your car is all you have for free time, use it! Turn off the radio and listen to yourself breathe.

Your goals this week:

  • No compromise!
  • Work out!
  • Eat right!
  • Breathe!

Workout Goals: Cardio Increase

  1. MondayShoulder Burn Written Workout combined with 20 minutes of hill sprints
  2. TuesdayMedicine Power Ball Workout
  3. WednesdayDynamic Body Weight Workout combined with Upper Body Slide and Sculpt Video
  4. Thursday: Full Body Workout Video
  5. FridayMan Maker Full Body Workout combined with cardio of your choice


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