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This is what salt and water loading looks like on my body. I feel like I might float away from the 8 liters of water I have been drinking everyday, and it’s crazy that I have actually started to look smaller and softer, as you can see in the photos above.

So why salt and water load?

Do your muscles come back? Why am I not dehydratying my body?

First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone for all the messages of encouragement and questions as of late. And for those of you who sent me your personal stories and goals that you are working towards, I am so excited to see you reach your goals as I am fighting to reach mine! I’m so inspired by all of you and that’s why I push myself everyday to learn more and spread this knowledge to you.

Back to the questions…

I copied this article from Bodybuilding.com because it explains the process of salt and water loading, and gives you the reasons behind it.



Sodium can cause you to bloat up and or hold water under your skin. Manipulating salt intake is crucial to looking as defined as possible. From Days 10 to 2,  I start actively salting my meals.By doing this, I encourage your system to start actively excreting both salt and water. 

On Days 2 and 1,  I drop the salt completely and become very cautious of any form of salt. Now is the time to start reading labels and make sure none of the foods you’re eating have sodium in them. For example, no more liquid egg whites or protein shakes—both have a lot of sodium. Unfortunately, this means no more sodium-heavy hot sauces, or most sauces in general. You will find out how tough you really are!

Why is your salt intake so critical? Sodium has a remarkable effect on fluid balance, both inside and outside of your muscles. The goal in cutting is to suck fluid from the outside of your muscle cells to their inside, giving them a full and shapely look.

Water Load, Then Dry Out

If you did nothing else but manipulate your water intake, you would see a dramatic change in appearance. 

The first step is jacking your water up to a set amount, 2 liters higher than your normal daily intake. So if you normally drink 3 L of water per day, consume 5 L. Measure it out—don’t guess or eyeball it. 

On Day 2 you cut your water in half from the high level of the previous days. Then, on Day 1, the day of your big event, don’t drink more than a liter of water. Many physique athletes cut their water to nothing, but in my opinion this is extreme. I don’t recommend ever cutting your water to zero.


So why do we water load and then cut back? The amount of water you consume determines how your body handles fluid balance. When you take in excess water, your body just flushes it out. By drinking a higher amount of water you trick your body into flushing more when you cut back, which results in your muscles looking tighter. 

The combined effects of carb-loading, salt avoidance, and water depletion will suck as much fluid into the muscle tissue as possible. In the end, your muscles are going to be fuller, rounder, and harder. You’ll see definition you never knew you had!

So what does my diet look like through this process?

I truly believe in the science of carb cycling and I chose to do this right until the big day. 

Day 7-High carb

Day 6- High carb

Day 5 – low carb

Day 4 – Low carb – No carbs on this day other then veggies

Day-3 High

Day-2 High

Day 1 High 

So why high carbs the last three days? 

Over the last three days, you fill out your muscles by taking in plenty of complex carbs such as rice, potatoes, yams and oatmeal. This increases your glycogen stores and pushes water into the muscles, giving you a full and round appearance for your big day. The carb-loading phase is the fun part of the shred and ensures you look as good as possible.

I hope this answers your questions guys!

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