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Shake What That Baby Gave Ya

So what should a workout schedule look like?
So I decided in making this post that I would not only post my “Get that booty back after baby” workout schedule
but also my pre-baby workout schedule to motivate those none-baby bloggers as well as that mom who needs more of a challange.
Feel free to post questions:) and Enjoy
 This was my workout Week 5 post baby

Sunday this would be my recovery day so I still move just take it a bit easier.
Walk downtown with the little banbino
30 min of burst training. So since my body is still working back to its normal ligament size and abbs are still coming together it’s important not to push it too hard but I’m feeling stronger every day:) So on burst days I do some realistic strength training along with cardio burst. Right now I’m focusing mainly on lower body and core “I’ll give sample core exercises”
Why not upper body? The ligaments are still really lose in a pre baby body for sometime so you want to make sure that you are not over working them before they are ready.
15 cardio 15 min strength split up like this.
5 min warm up 1

Me-29 weeks prego!

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