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The thought of building a set of six pack abs for many feels unattainable, but it’s not as far off as you may think. Before I started to practice clean eating, I would have never thought I could achieve the stomach I currently have. 6 months after having my first child, with a strict clean-eating diet and a lot of weight training, I sprouted my first set of abs! I can tell you from experience that it required a ton of dedication. Making smart choices in the kitchen and following a proper workout plan are the keys to developing a strong and defined! My Abs Isolation video will walk you through some challenging abs exercises that will no doubt tone up your midsection and strengthen your core!

Six Pack Abs

Where Are Six Pack Abs Created? The Gym or The Kitchen?

This is a longstanding debate. Where do visible abdominal muscles get birthed?  The truth is that 80% of your success is going to come from what you put in your mouth. YES 80%! Here are some tips for creating those six pack abs in the kitchen?

Keep a food journal.

By tracking your daily food intake you can look back on what was successful and what was not. Where are the areas for improvement? What food groups are you consuming too much or too little of?

How many calories does your body need?

Figuring out the amount of calories you need to be consuming everyday is important. Remember, you can’t just swap calories either! It doesn’t work to exchange the 400 calorie brownie for your 400 calorie lunch! You need to make calorie choices that will deliver nutrition to your muscles and fuel your body.

Too much sugar = FAT!

Your body only requires a certain amount of sugar to be taken in daily. When you eat foods with high sugar content, your liver’s sugar stores become full, and any excess sugar now gets converted into fatty acids, also known as fat! It’s going to be impossible to see any stomach definition if you have layers of fat overtop. If you want abs, slow down your sugar consumption!

Lower Your Body Fat Percentage

In order for your six pack abs to show through, you will need to lower your body fat percentage and build a strong abdominal wall. If your abs are small and weak, they will look that way no matter how low your body fat is. I would highly suggest getting your body fat tested to see where you are currently at. If you are around 10% body fat you need to go through something I call a “bulking” stage. During this stage, you will add more proteins, carbohydrates and fats to your diet to encourage new muscle growth in your abdominal wall. Yes, your calories will go up, but you will also be burning more with the high-intensity weightlifting workouts needed to build your abdominal muscles. If your body fat is above 18%, you will need to lean your body out. This does not mean endless house of cardio! It requires getting smarter with your food combinations and adding some interval training workouts 2-3 times a week for 30 minutes to your regular fitness routine.


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