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Nike TopGiven how much we know about fitness and nutrition, beach abs no longer have to be a seasonal thing that we deplete our bodies for. With the option of healthy meal plans and professionally structured workouts, you can have those toned abdominals all year round. Six-pack abs serve as a strong foundation for your daily activates. Everything from walking to picking up your groceries to carrying your children is going to demand stability and strength from your core section. While you may be wrapped in the idea of the perfect set of bikini abs, you also are strengthening your lower back and preventing injury as you sweat through those core exercises.  To give you a little more incentive, here are some benefits to sweating it out in your core workouts.

Improved Daily Function

Everything from standing up from a seated position to tying your shoes demands energy and strength from your core muscles. While you may not notice your daily functions and movements, you will be thankful for those beach abs when those children start to get heavier or those daily tasks ask for more strength.

Healthy BacksWorkout Video: Abs & Core Slide n’ Sculpt

Lower back pain is one of the most debilitating and horrible pains to experience. Studies show 4 out of 5 North Americans suffer some type of back pain that slows them down in their daily lives. Think about that! By dedicating yourself to a few workouts focused on your core a week, you could be saving yourself from pain, injury, and living life with constant pain.

Living Life to the Fullest

Whether your enjoyment comes from sports, having shopping as your cardio, or showing off your bikini abs, your daily activities are powered by the core. Even sexual activity will call for power, strength, and flexibility from the core. So the next time you want to skip that beach abs workout, ask yourself, am I giving my body everything it needs to enjoy life and keep me physically strong for the activities I enjoy?

Six Pack AbsA Life Of Balance, Stability and Beach Abs

We all have that one friend who is the perfect flexy-bendy yoga woman who looks great in her yoga pants and can hold tree ’til the cows come home, but while we love to hate her, we also know she has spent countless hours on her mat perfecting a core that will hold her up when opportunity calls. As we prep for those killer abs, yoga and Pilates classes are great places to gain foundation. By slowing the body down and really focusing on holding poses or breathing properly, we demand strength from our core and teach our abdominal wall to pull in and support us.

Breath Deeply

While we all know good posture looks great, it also helps us to breathe deeply, which in turn reduces stress. When our bodies are short on oxygen, our systems go into a state of panic, causing stress to move through our bodies. Stress is the cause of many diseases, so before you write those beach abs off as vain and insignificant and think, “Who really needs bikini abs?” take a deep breath and rethink your workouts this week.

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