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Snow Days

While Kelowna’s temperature continues to drop and the snow continues to fall, I continue to search for creative ways to keep us occupied and not go crazy with cabin fever! This week consisted of many sessions of finger painting, playing band, brain storming over new blogging ideas and getting creative in the kitchen.  Saturday morning I woke up to Troy telling me to take the morning off and head out for some much needed alone time. After getting my butt kicked at V02Max, I grabbed a coffee and headed downtown in search of the perfect felt hat. I love the look of these hats and the fun they add to an outfit. They are also the perfect accessory to hide mom hair and sweaty gym head.  So let’s celebrate hats, what they add your our outfits and what they hide.

Enjoy the start to you’re week and get ready for some delish food posts and ideas for snow day workouts – coming soon!


Hat-Blonde-Sweater-Joefresh-Beetles T-shirt-H&m-Jeans-Urban Outfitters-Boots-Aldo-Necklace-Frock







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