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Stocking Stuffers For The Healthy Guy


Every year Troy and I set aside time on Christmas Eve night to exchange stockings after the kids have gone to bed. I love this tradition so much because it gives us time to intentionally sip wine together, talk, and often laugh together about the random items with which we have filled each other’s stockings. Giving gifts is my love language. I love planning them, secretly taking ideas from conversations throughout the year, and coming up with a theme for whatever will be in this year’s stocking.

Troy’s goal for this year has been to make positive changes to his health and fitness. If you are a parent or know a parent, you know how much work this job requires and how much of a struggle it can be to get away and get those workouts in. Troy and I have been working on supporting each other as a couple in staying accountable to making time for our fitness and being consistent when it comes to making healthier choices for our bodies. I truly believe slow changes are lasting changes, so we don’t go overboard in this house on eliminating specific foods or swearing off things that may not be the best for us. But one big change for Troy this year was removing perfumes and scented items from his life. This was major for him because he was very clear that he didn’t want to go to work smelling like incense or like an essential oils rep. (He he!) One thing I’ve learned during my marriage to Troy is that I can make suggestions and offer information, but change only comes when he reads it himself or hears it from his friend Brian. (Thanks. Brian.)

There is tons of research that confirms that many of the ingredients in fragrances are neurotoxins that have poisonous effects on the brain and nervous system. When we put such ingredients on our bodies, we can experience negative mental and physical effects, and our brain tissue can become inflamed.

These fragrances and scents disrupt our natural hormone balance, causing a series of emotional concerns, including anxiety, mood swings, and depression. These scents have also been linked to decreased sex drive and migraine headaches.

But not all scents are created equal. There are some amazing companies that are taking our health into consideration by producing products that are free of estrogens and synthetic scents. Beware of brands that claim they are “all natural” or “infused with essential oils” or make similar statements. Today’s chemical industry is making it harder and harder for us to detect the poisons that companies are adding into their products. One of the best things you can do is head to your local health food store and start exploring the ingredients on the back of the bottles. In addition, contact companies and ask for ingredients lists and information about how their products are manufactured.


One of the best companies I have across in my research is Zero Xeno. This company is forthright about their products’ ingredients and is willing to give their clients a lot of information about the process by which their products are made. Troy and I both love their products because they smell great, our skin loves them, and we feel confident in using them on our children as well. If you’re looking for a great item for your stockings this year, make sure to check out Zero Xeno. I’ve also included some links to some of my favourite Health-Conscious Stocking Stuffers for that special guy in your life.

Deep Blue Soothing Blend

Daily Routine De-Odor Cream



Inspire Him To Cook

Enjoy, and happy shopping!


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