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Stop Storing Fat!


Having the motivation to stick to a diet is hard enough when your hormones are balanced, but what do you do when your hormones are out of balance and out of control? Do you crave sugar? Are you constantly in the fridge late at night? Are you having a tough time dropping those extra pounds?

Let me tell you about a little thing called Leptin. Leptin is a master hormone and is stored in our adipose tissue or our fat tissue. If you have a higher body fat you most likely have higher leptin levels. This hormone controls our feelings of hunger, our cravings and even controls how clear our head feels.

High leptin levels typically correlate with high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, stroke and blood sugar problems. High leptin levels have also been found to reduce our fertility rates and age our bodies at a higher rate. If you are trying to lose weight and you can’t seem to get your body to get the message that it’s time to change, it’s time you faced Leptin head on.

If you want to see your body start to respond to all the hard work you’re putting in, you need to balance out your Leptin levels. If you continually fail at making lasting health changes and sticking to a plan, it’s OK! Most people struggle with the very same thing, so first of all you need to stop beating yourself up over it! High Leptin levels mess with the state of our hormones & increase cravings, so you are going to have to get serious to beat this ugly hormone.

Leptin loves fat. When we carry extra weight/fat around we are 1)damaging our metabolism 2)blocking thyroid use 3) removing the ability to actually burn fat!

What are some of this things that increase the Leptin Resistance in our body?

Consumption of Sugar, fructose, simple carbs



Lack of sleep

Exercising too much or too much cardio

High insulin


So now that you how Leptin Resistance can affect your goal , how do you fix it?


Eating good, healthy foods not only makes you feel positive it also feeds your healthy hormones. Increasing consumption of foods with good protein and healthy fats first things in the morning helps our bodies to balance and produce healthy hormones early on in the day. Now you may not want to start the morning off with steak covered in almond butter, but you could make yourself a fantastic egg scramble with tons of vegetables cooked in coconut oil!

Skip The Treats

Lets repeat this again so you really get it. Sugar increases fat store, messes with your hormones and lowers your immune system which affects your training and performance. So before you go snacking on the chocolate bar before bed tonight, change your snack options to something healthier that will taste great but feed the body.

Get Your Sleep

I know for some of us this is easier said than done. I have a three-year old and a one year old. There are weeks I probably get 8 hours the whole week let alone in one night. Last night I actually slept 3 hours, so I’m preaching to the choir but I can not stress the importance of sleep enough! Sleep increases our human growth hormone which feeds our recovery, the building of muscle and fuels the supply of healthy hormones. It’s also super important for brain function and keeping a clear mind in decision-making like choosing healthy food options. Lack of sleep increase our Leptin levels and brings on the cravings. So SLEEP!!

Move With Purpose

High intensity training increases our healthy hormones and raises our metabolic levels. If you are going to lift weights, stop taking cell phone breaks and move with purpose from one exercise to the other. If it’s cardio day, get on that treadmill and set your mind on sprints. 40 seconds to 1 minute all out as hard as you can push, combined with a 90 second active rest (you can throw some push ups, squats or lunges in here.) Long drawn out cardio stresses the body out and increases your fat stores. So retire your old school cardio routines and get the job done in a quick 20-40 minutes.

Use Clean Products

Chemicals & toxins do nothing but effect our hormones in a negative way and leave our body fighting to get rid of the junk. Get rid of dryer sheets, soaps, deodorants, laundry soaps and dish washer soap that are stressing your body out and causing it to raise your Leptin Resistance.

Lower your inflammation and help support healthy hormones with these following foods…

Chia seeds

Raw cacao

Bee Pollen

Maca Powder

Organic meats

Stay away from gluten

There is this rumour that goes around saying that we increase our metabolic burn by consuming small meals! Wrong!! Your body actually increases growth hormone and balances our hormone levels out when we give our digestive system a break. Try to give your body 3-4 hours between meals. Yes, this will be hard at first because your body comfortable with always snacking, but push through and it will adjust. Just don’t allow yourself to dip too low or else you will eat everything in sight:)

Heres to healthy hormone levels and making smart decisions for the end result!


  1. Carli says:

    I wanted to say how great you are and how much I love you blog! Your truly such an inspiration!

    Just curious what you would suggest for a better option for dryer sheets, laundry soap and dishwasher soap? I’m trying to change up my regular stuff with something that is not so hormone damaging.
    Thank you!

  2. Erin says:

    This is great – was talking to my girlfriend about the last night! I lost 45 lbs in two months after the birth of my second baby but I’ve been stuck now for 2 months – I’ve given up gluten but can’t seem to shake the sugar. Hopefully reading this will help kick start me out of this plateau 😉

  3. Ashley Mammel says:

    LOVED this post!! Thank you so much, this was incredibly helpful! I am committed to getting my hormones BACK ON TRACK!! 🙂

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