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Sugar Free

sugar free

It can lead to hormone imbalance, increased appetite, brain tumors, seizures, hallucinations, enlarged liver, and enlarged kidneys. It has cancer causing properties, it depresses healthy immune systems, and it can lead to an inability to lose excess weight.

Are we talking about nicotine? Alcohol? Illegal drugs? Actually, these are just some of the side effects of consuming artificial sweeteners! I find it crazy that these ingredients are still being put in our foods with no warnings on the labels and little education from the health care system about their serious side effects. When I hear clients talk about their sugar-free lattes, syrups, gum, etc., I honestly cringe. This sugar-free craze is one of the most tragic things to happened to the female body and our hormone levels. Our bodies have no idea what to do with these fake substances and chemicals, which leads to a series of negative side effects.


But isn’t sugar bad?

Sugar is one of the most addictive things we can put into our bodies. Studies now show that sugar is just as addictive as cocaine and causes some of the same negative health effects to our brain. So yes, sugar is bad! But if you think consuming fake sweeteners will help you achieve your weight loss goals, you’re wrong. Sugar-free sweeteners actually cause overeating and make it harder for the body to shed excess weight due to the imbalance in blood sugar and other disruptions in the digestive system.

Your body needs sugar!

When we think of losing weight, we immediately think “Cut the calories!” Wrong!

The number of calories you consume isn’t anywhere as important as the type you consume. Our bodies need sugar to rebuild muscle, stabilize blood levels, aid in clear thinking, and so on…. So before you start pumping your body full of artificial sweeteners that actually give your body no benefit, let’s look at some of the great healthy sugars that do benefit our bodies.

 raw honey

Raw Honey-


Is a natural energy booster

Contains cancer-fighting properties

Builds immune system




Increases energy

Is packed with vitamins

Improves nervous system health

Improves heart health

Improves bone health and strength

Aids in healing intestinal disorders


Organic Maple Syrup-


Contains antioxidants

Improves heart health

Improves male reproductive system

Builds immune system

All natural sugars, of course, should be consumed in healthy, not excessive, amounts. The majority of our diets need to be filled with healthy proteins, fats, veggies, and fruits, but natural sugar does have a place.


What are you looking for?


When reading labels to find out if your products contain fake sugars, these are some of the most common names you want to look for:






 All recipes on dailyroutinefitness.com contain healthy sugar options.

 So remember guys, before you cut your calories, look at the quality and health-supporting properties of the foods you are consuming.



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