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Sweat Once a day


So today was a rather busy Monday, hence the 10:15pm blog post.

My day started off with taking product notification photos for lululemon athletica here in Kelowna. If your not on their product notification, I highly recommend you head here and sign up. It’s such a great way of staying in touch with your local store and being the first to know when that tank top that you wanted so bad but missed out on is finely back in the store!

I loved playing dress up with the lulu girls and testing the fit and function of each piece. I can honestly say I think this is my favourite line plan from lululemon so far. They are using fabrics in such innovative ways to not only make you look great but also be the most functional workout clothing you will invest in. To get more information and check out what I was wearing head to Kelowna’s lululemon facebook page. You can also go to the lululemon homepage and get more information on fabric designs and product info.


For a busy day like today it’s so important to fuel properly. These last couple weeks I’ve been struggling with finding the time to prep food and actually eat enough food to get me through the day.

Making sure you always have an apple and some almonds in your bag is a great way to stay on top of your game and make sure you don’t reach for the snickers! Clean eating protein bars are also a simple and effective way to make sure you are getting all the nutrition you need at snack time. 

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post! I’m sharing some amazing protein bar recipes, and if you come to my 6pm boot camp tomorrow @ oranj, you might just get to taste them!

Enjoy your night~~*




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