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thank you for being a part of my life


“Don’t be intimidated by other people’s opinions. Only mediocrity is sure of itself, so take risks and do what you really want to do.”~Paulo Coelho

Thank you Roberta for sharing this quote.



 Troy, McCarthy and Bennett, thank you for believing in me and loving me. You have not only supported my dreams, but you have cheered me through every turn this journey has taken me. I love you beyond words!




Clayton Arnall, thank you for believing in me and investing so much into this project. The dedication, creativity and perfection in your work commands respect. Thank you for being a slightly crazy kindred spirit (It makes it easier to relate with you.)



 Tasha, thank you for not only being the most amazing hair dresser, but for being one of the most encouraging and loyal friends this girl could ask for. You have believed in me, encouraged me, spoke truth and stood beside me as I figure life out. I love you friend, and I’m so thankful for you.




Melanie Feeny, thank you for producing magic with your makeup brushes every morning! You lifted my spirits every morning with our little chats. It has been such a pleasure getting to work with you again and I look forward to many more projects with you!



Madison Cook, you are one of the most professional and pleasant young woman I have had the opportunity to work with. The amount of talent and creativity that is in your little body amazed me this weekend! Thank you for being apart of our team! I’m so excited for the career you have ahead of you.





Thank you Shane Pizzey for supporting this project. Training and shooting in your facility was incredible! You should be so proud of the goals you have achieved and the professionalism you have brought to Kelowna’s coaching/training circuit. Thank you again!


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