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The 44 day change

So as I promised, I’m updating you guys on my clean eating progress.

I thought I would make a little video to show you how unbelievable clean eating and training with Carly Mitchell/Vo2max has been. Over the past 44 days I have definitely seen and felt the change, but to be totally honest, I did not fully grasp how big the transformation was until I put this video together.

Chest 32″           30.5″

Ribs 27.5″           26.75″

Waist 27″            24.75″

Stomach 31.5″     27.25″

Bi 10″                 9.25″

Hips 37.5″           34.5″

Thigh 24″             21.75″

Calf 14.25″          13.5″

Total Inches lost 19.25

A loss of 5% Body Fat I’ve gone from 24% to 19%

I Gained 1 pound of muscle which is amazing due to the fact that I’ve lost 12pounds.

I truly hope this video and results inspire you.

Oh and a side note, The pull ups that I’m doing are practice full body pull ups! In case you are wondering why I’m adding a little jump. My goal is 10 full body pull ups ,so till then it’s practice practice:)

Any questions please let me know !




  1. Vanessa rejc says:

    That is so awesome!! You have definitely inspired me:) i have been wanting to lose a few pounds and get strong again and seeing you do it is awesome! Way to go:)

  2. VO2Max says:

    AMAZING!!! Great Video Rachel!
    You have done AWESOME – I give people the tools and you've definitely used them to their full potential! You look incredible and those pullups won't be far behind! TRI FITNESS – here we come! Woot woot! 🙂

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