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The new salad bowl

What a crazy week this has been, McCarthy and I started our week off in Vancouver thrifting it up with Troy’s Auntie Maxine and Grandma Gail “DIY POST IS COMING” and Troy has been on a business trip all week so this left me holding the role as single mother again. This is not an easy job by any means and I applaud you single moms out there! I do apologies for the lack of blog post though and I promise you there are some gooders coming.

While in Vancouver Auntie Maxine showed me this little trick for making your dinner or dessert a little more exciting. Tonight I tried it on one of my favourite meals “Spicy Thai Salad”. I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as we did.

I would have taken better and more photos of this yummy dinner but I literally was throwing it together before I ran out the door to teach!! Just another relaxing night right?!!


Spicy Thai Salad bowl-

1-tsp coconut oil 

Your pick of any veggies (I used peppers,spinach and scallions)

1-Free range chicken breast

1-Tortilla (you can use whatever type you prefer)

Spicy Thai Rub or seasoning you prefer (Get creative)

Tortilla Prep-

Pre-heat oven to 400

Place Tortilla in shell and bake at 400 till slightly crispy

Remove from over and let cool on wirer rack

Salad Prep-

Rub your thai seasoning on chicken breast and cook on medium heat 

Once chicken is throughly cooked add veggies of your choice

Saute till veggies are just slightly cripsy

Add veggies to your tortilla bowl top with a low fat cheese and enjoy!


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