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This & That/Making Memories


I’m not a crafty mom. The idea of cutting out perfect little shapes or making costumes for my children is beautiful in my mind but overwhelming and daunting in real life. I continually try to challenge myself in this area, though, because I want my children to be creative and eager to design with their hands and minds. When I started putting together Adelaide’s nursery, I knew I wanted the boys to be a part of the decorating process. They would spend hours reading books and playing in her room before she came, so having them put their little hands to work on the room’s final details seemed like the perfect way to help them prep for baby Adelaide. Because craftiness is an area in which I struggle, I asked my friend and artist Nicole Young to come help us out with our project. We decided to make a mobile for Addie and sent our ideas over to Nicole.

Having Nicole come into our home and help us with this project was so fun, and it gave me a chance to tap into my boys’ creative side without worrying whether I would screw up my designs or actually never really complete this vision I had. McCarthy immediately took to Nicole’s soft and gentle personality and eagerly waited for each instruction from her. She was so patient and kind, and she took things slowly with the kids as they asked a million questions and stole her paintbrushes.

The mobile came out exactly as I had envisioned it, and I was thrilled that I’d done this with my boys! They constantly twirl it for Addie, and Bennett reminds her daily that he made this for her.

Photography by: Rebecca Siewert


















Thank you, Nicole, for bringing this vision to life and giving us this special memory.

If you are interested in seeing Nicole’s art or hiring her for a project of your own, you can check out her work out here.


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