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Tips From The Glute Expert


I asked Paige to take over my blog today due to her extensive knowledge and dedication to her training. Whether you are looking to take on a fitness competition or simply improve your overall fitness level, this girl will inspire you!  Thank you Paige for taking the time to explain these simple and effective tips to us! I’m cheering for you lady!



You can follow Paige’s journey on at her Instagram account TheFitnessPaige.

Whether you were “born with a booty” or not, building strong, toned and lifted glutes does not happen by accident. Adding some glute focused training to your weekly training regiment may be the best thing for your fitness goals this year. As isolating and training larger muscle groups burns calories and builds strength for other body groups.

If glute training is part of your weekly routine and you aren’t seeing results, it’s time to re-evaluate your exercises and start fresh!



Top Five Tips To Building a Better Booty

1) Be Prepared

If you are getting yourself to the gym-make it count! You do not need to do the same exercises every week in the same order, but arriving at the gym with a goal in mind of what you want to accomplish will lead to a much more successful workout. As well as, eating a fast digesting meal before hand will allow for optimal energy and strength to help fuel your workout.

2) Priority Training

Try adding a “glute focused” day into your weekly routine on top of your normal leg day to activate your glutes multiple times throughout the week. By constantly engaging this muscle group you will ensure it is always in a growing/rebuilding state.

3) Force Through Heels

By focusing the power through your heels, you will keep the tension on the glutes and help avoid developing dominant quads. Wearing flat-soled shoes can help keep your form focused on the heels.

4) One Leg At A Time

Training one leg/glute at a time will make it easier to create a mind muscle connection to properly isolate the muscle group and help with a full contraction. This also leads to proper form and muscle balance, while increasing symmetry by equally training the muscle groups.

5) Finish Strong

Finish off your work out with a plyometric/bodyweight burnout! This not only helps burn calories but also adds in a different form of training from isolated weight lifting. These explosive movements are challenging and help shape muscle and build your endurance.


 Top Five Exercises To Build a Better Booty

Barbell Hip Thrusters

Your weight should be supported by your shoulder blades. Squeeze glutes when extending up then slowly release back down.

Box Jumps

Push up through heels, making sure to land flat-footed on box.

One-Legged Cable Kick-Backs

Keep you core tight. At your full extension back, hold and squeeze glutes then slowly bring foot forward, resisting the pull from the cable.

Single dumbbell dead lifts

Hold weight with same side as planted foot and use your free leg for balance behind you. Make sure to keep a neutral spine position and take your time to really activate the muscle.

Reverse Side Lunges

Sit back and place pressure on your heels while avoiding any pull to lean forward.

Want to see this workout put together? We will be posting this workout put together tomorrow on our Instagram account.

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