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To Vintage or Not to Vintage???

My husband and I recently decided that it’s time to possibly start looking for that dream home and leave condo living behind. Now that we do have a little boy and will possibly be adding more kiddos to the family tree, the idea of a yard and play areas are defiantly tempting. I also love the idea of decorating and staring with a new canvas. I have always wanted a home with lots of character and pieces in my home that bring it life and comfort, so the idea of going vintage seems like a no brainer! The only problem is that I may not be the most experienced shopper in this area, but I am determined over these next few months while we are looking to stretch myself and put together some looks for my future vintage refuge. Here are a few looks I love….


Love the cleaness of this bedroom

Love the idea of these lights in this picture. I actually used this idea for my wedding and placed flowers in the glass jars. It was beautiful


I can see myself sipping tea in this room

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