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Week #2 Photo shoot-Monday

Not the best picture I know! But when your computer keeps crashing on you and finaly decides to work for 5 minutes, you jump at the chance to post ! 


I’m now 5 days away from my photo shoot-So the lifestyle of carb depletion and lots of water is upon me!

What does a day of carb depletion look like?




1 cup egg whites

1-4 cup oatmeal

Fibrous veggies

Snack 3oz chicken


4 cups spinach

4oz chicken



3oz Turkey


Egg whites 3oz chicken 4cups spinach

I know! Very exciting food choices right???

This meal plan was not the easiest to get through today. Just because you decide you have a goal doesn’t mean life stops and gives you a break. There is still classes to teach (4 today) a little man who wants you to play with him and your friends (Husband) who don’t want you acting like a crazy carb depleted chick! I made it through though, and every success makes you feel stronger.

 It’s interesting how so much of our life revolves around food…

Normally when my husband and I go out, it’s for dinner or a glass of wine. Not tonight! We headed to H2O for some hot tubbing and just some fun time alone (without food) and it was so fun! I’m interested to see how many creative things I can come up with this week…..Any suggestions?




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