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Who inspires you?



Recently my friend Nicole emailed asking me to write a blog post about who inspires my fashion. The person who immediately came to mind was Sienna Miller. I believe that we all go through different stages in our own personal fashion and allow new voices and inspirations to speak to us along the way. Through these times, I have always been drawn to Sienna’s fearless and somewhat edgy style.

With Miss Miller, there are no apoligies. She embraces motherhood with fur coats and the perfect messy bun, then graces the red carpet with her flawless beauty and and designer dresses that will always make heads turn. Not only is Sienna a style icon, actress, model, fashion designer and a beautiful mother, she also works as a global ambassador for International Medical Corps and Starlight Children’s Foundation. 




Who inspires me? A woman who is gracious under pressure and true to her word. One who liives her life with determination, even when the cards are stacked against her. A woman who dispite her circumstances, chooses to bring laughter and joy to the lives of the people around her.  





I love the fact that Sienna always comes across as real and down to earth. This transparency is something that I look up to as I strive to be a mother who is real, all while adding flavour to the term “mommy fashion”.





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Who Inspires you?




  1. Nicole says:

    Awesome post Rachel! I looooove Sienna Miller, she's such a babe. Thanks so much for participating in this project 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    Thank you Nicole! I loved creating this post and was so inspired by all the others involved. thank you again for asking me to participate ! xoxo

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