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Please check with your healthcare practitioner prior to starting any workout routine. Always make sure to properly warm up prior to starting any one of these below exercise routines.

Planning Your Workouts

A Week At A Glance

Abdominal Workouts

Abs Isolation

Bodyweight Abs 500 Workout

Tabata Ball Abs

20 Minute Cardio Abs Blitz

Leg Workouts

The Jillian Harris Leg Challenge


Slider Workout

Booty Shorts Blitz

Legs For Days

Hill Sprints With Flava

Legs Plus Core Workout

Arm Workouts

Bicep Tricep TUT (Time Under Tension)

Shoulder Burn

Back Workouts

Back & Abs

Beautiful Backs

Goodbye Back Fat 

Glute (Butt) Workouts

Can I Get A Butt With That?

12 Minute Butt Burn

Build A Butt

Chest Workouts

Cardio Chest Burn

Full Body Workouts

Full Body Muscle Builder

Full Body Workout #2

Sunday Funday Total Body Workout

Grab A Puke Bucket

Full Body x3x4x5 Workout

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