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This is one of my favourite workouts! You don’t a gym or fancy equipment! All you need is sliding disks or a set of dish cloths. This workout will have you sweating while your legs are burning and your abs are screaming.

50 seconds on, 10 seconds rest, complete 2 full circuits…GO!!!!!

50 Seconds – Jump Squat

50 Seconds – Mountain Climbers (on sliders)

50 Second – Switch Lunge

50 Seconds – Pike (on sliders)

50 Seconds – Plie Squats

50 Seconds – Groiners (on sliders)

50 seconds – High Knees

50 seconds – Opposite Knee to Elbow (on sliders)

50 seconds – Plie Squat Jumps (on sliders)

50 seconds – Switch Lunge (on sliders)

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