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If you’ve never used bands for a leg workout before, this is going to be great! And by great, I mean it’s going to hurt. For this workout, set your timer for 1 minute for each exercise. It’s going to be tough, so take deep breaths and relax the muscles you are not working. Check out my Bands Workout Video that breaks down each of the following exercises in detail.

  1. 90 degree leg lift
  2. Leg extension
  3. 90 degree knee pulse
  4. Donkey kick back on all fours
  5. Straight leg lift on all fours
  6. Knee raise on all fours
  7. Side leg extensions
  8. 90 degree knee lift (feet elevated)
  9. Leg extension (feet elevated)
  10. Side leg raise
  11. Wine barrel circles (both directions)
  12. Double leg lift

Switch sides!!

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