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This workout is all about failure. Perform each exercise until your cannot perform another rep. Mix it up with rowing machine or your choice of cardio between exercises! Remember not to rush. Focus on form while you watch your bra fat disappear!

Warm up with 10 minutes of cardio/weighted arm circles to loosen up your back.

  1. Chin Up
  2. Close Grip Lat Pull-Down
  3. Alternating Plank Dumbbell Row
  4. 150m On Rowing Machine (if rowing machine is unavailable, do 1 minute of bench hops)
  5. Inverted Row
  6. Mixed Grip Chin Up
  7. Seated Cable Row
  8. 150m On Rowing Machine
  9. Wide Grip Lat Pull-Down
  10. Overhead Ball Slam
  11. T-Bar Row
  12. 150m On Rowing Machine

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