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Abs are made in the kitchen, but they are built in the gym. If your muscles are not developed, no matter how low your body fat percentage is, you are still going to look flat. Set yourself up for success by adding 2-3 abs workouts a week into your fitness program.

  1. Isometric Knee Press – Legs bent at 90 degrees-place hands on thighs. Hands press into legs and legs press into hands. make sure to press your lower spine into your mat.
  2. Reverse Crunch x 25 reps
  3. V-Sit x 25 reps
  4. Russian Twist x 25 per side
  5. Bicycle x 25 strides per leg
  6. Leg Lifts – both legs together x 25 reps
  7. Tick Tock – lay on your back, point your legs together at the roof. Let your legs slowly fall to the floor while moving them side to side, like the tick-tock motion of a clock. Once legs reach the floor, tick-tock them back up.
  8. Full Sit Up – Elbows to knees, don’t let your feet come off the floor x 25
  9. Side Plank w/ Knee Crunch – Bring your body into a side plank. Bring your top knee towards your chest and tap it with your elbow, completing the side crunch x 25 per side
  10. Arm Surrenders x 25 per arm

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