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If you’re looking to whip your legs into shape in time for short shorts season, you need to get your booty moving and the blood flowing. I use this workout in a couple different ways. I either pair it with my leg day workout day and use it as my second workout of the day (for all you hardcore’s out there) or as an added bonus to my cardio/abs day. Either way you use it, you are going to reap the benefits and be able to rock those little summer shorts with confidence!

Spend 45 seconds on each exercise, with 10-30 seconds of rest between sets. Complete 3 sets per exercise before moving on to the next.

  1. Standing Hip Adduction (w/band)
  2. Groin Hoppers
  3. Standing Hip Circles (w/band)
  4. Lateral Jumps
  5. Monster Walks
  6. Side Leg Raise
  7. Leg Surrenders
  8. Side to Side Shuffles
  9. Donkey Kick-Backs
  10. Plie Squats
  11. Reverse Standing Leg Extension
  12. Power Jacks

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