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When I see a woman with a great set of glutes or hamstrings, there is a part of me that wants to go hug her and say ” Job well done”! Developing these muscles takes time, dedication and cleaning up your diet. If you are spending hours on the Stair-Master or still hoping your Zumba class is going to fix those legs, then it’s time to smarten up your training! To develop a great set of glutes and hamstrings you need to add resistance training to your weekly workouts.

Warm up with a 10 minute run on the treadmill to get your glutes and legs warm. Follow the below routine, remember that the first number is always the amount of reps (25 x 3) and the second number is how many sets (25 x 3)

  1. Walking Lunges 25 x 3 (per leg)
  2. Donkey Kick-Backs (with band or machine) 12-15 x 3 (per leg)
  3. Pistol Squats (with TRX or dumbbells) 12-15 x 3 (per leg)
  4. Weighted Step-Ups (on bench or box) 15-20 x 3 (per leg)
  5. Good Mornings 12-15 x 3
  6. Hamstring Curl (with ball or machine) 12-15 x 3
  7. Leg Press 12-20 x 3
  8. Weighted Back Extensions 12-15 x 3
  9. Stiff Leg Dead Lifts 12-15 x 3

Have fun walking down the stairs later on that evening…

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