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Bodyweight WorkoutsThere is a reason why I call this workout “Grab A Puke Bucket.” Follow along to the end and you will find out 🙂

Start your workout with 1o minutes of dynamic stretching which could include opening your hip flexors, body-weight lunges and body hugs. Include some light cardio to wake up your nervous system. Pick a few sets of dumbbells that will be a struggle in the last few reps of each set. Now it’s time to get down to business! Turn up your iPod and KILL THIS WORKOUT!

  1. Half Squat w/ Medicine Ball Toss x 15 reps  (facing a wall, do half of a squat and stay in that position while you toss the medicine ball with both hands from your chest to the wall as hard as you can)
  2. Box Jump x 10
  3. Sprint x 50 meters

(repeat 4 times)

  1. Weighted Reverse Lunge x 12 per leg  (hold dumbbells in each hand by your side, start with feet together, step back with one leg into a lunge position, step the foot back to where it was, step your other leg back into a lunge position)
  2. Squat Jump (as high as possible) x 10
  3. Chin Up x as many as you can do  (palms facing in, hands 6″ apart on the bar)

(repeat 3 times)

  1. Weighted Box Step-Up x 10 per leg  (dumbells in each hand, arms at sides, facing a box step up onto the box
  2. Stability Ball Hamstring Curl x 12  (lay on your back with a stability ball under your heels, raise your hips to the roof and pull your ankles towards your buff)
  3. Half-Knee Shoulder Press x 12  (one knee on the floor, other leg in a lunge position, press dumbbells to the sky and back down until your elbow is at 90 degrees.

(repeat 3 times)

  1. Weighted Walking Lunge x 10 steps per leg (hold dumbbells by your side)
  2. Seated Lat Pulldown x 8  (using lat pulldown machine)

(repeat 3 times)

Advanced Add-On

  1. Mountain Climbers x 75
  2. Burpees x 35



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