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You may have heard the popular saying going around the internet these days, like “Look like a beauty, train like a beast”. I fully support the concept of lifting heavy and training hard. I have spent the last 8 weeks under a squat rack shaping up my legs and butt. What are your goals with your legs? Is it to sculpt your leg muscles, lean your legs out, or create length in your muscle? Here is what I believe will sculpt the perfect set of legs. When Jillian Harris and I started working together, she was very clear on her lower body goal, which was to tighten and firm up her legs. I’ve been running her through a combination of heavy lifting, bodyweight exercises, plyometrics, and small muscle isolation. This variation of exercises helps to target both the large and small muscles in your legs, while burning a ton of fat! The following workout can be completed with or without weights, depending on your strength and fitness level.jillian-harris-legs

Start with a 10 minute warm up, composed of a light jog, walking lunges and air squats.

  1. Wall Balls x 30 reps – With weighted ball in hand, face a wall approx 6″ away. Place weight in heels, bring your body down to a squat position, legs at 90 degrees (or down to the back of your heels for more of a challenge). Bring yourself up to a standing position and toss the ball as high as you can on the wall. Make sure to squeeze your butt on the way up!
  2. Farmer’s Walk w/ Kettlebells x 50 steps – with heavy kettlebells in hands by your side, walk 50 steps.
  3. Leg Surrenders x 15 reps per side – One at a time, bring one of your knees to the floor, then the second to the floor. Bring the first foot back onto the floor, and bring yourself to a standing position.

Repeat this 3 times


  1. Jump Squats (forward) x 30 – When performing a jump squat, drop your bum as low as possible into the squat position, and spring your body forward (like a frog)
  2. Crossover Step Up x 15 per leg – standing beside a box or bench, take your outer leg and cross it over and place it on the bench. Place all your weight into the heel of your foot on the bench, and step up. Bring your opposite leg up and tap your toe on top of the bench before stepping both legs down.
  3. Plie Squats w/ Kettlebell x 12-15 reps – place 2 small boxes under feet with toes turned out. Holding kettlebell with both hands, drop your body into a squat position, letting your knees open towards your toes. Lower the kettlebell as low as possible with arms straight. Then stand up to complete the squat, keeping your back straight at all times, while squeezing your bum.

Repeat this 3 times

  1. Sled Push (or dead treadmill sprint) x 45 seconds – This is with the treadmill turned off (check out my Treadmill workout video for an example)
  2. Bodyweight Lunges x 3o reps (15 each leg)
  3. Reverse Sled Pull (or a reverse dead treadmill sprint) x 45 seconds – Watch the treadmill workout video link above, just do it in reverse!

Repeat this 3 times

Make sure to spend at least 10 minutes stretching your legs after this workout!

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