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This is one of my favourite weekend workouts. It combines cardio and resistance and produces a TON of sweat! Get ready for a challenge! For this workout, make sure to warm up for 10 minutes with a variety of dynamic stretches and cardio. Move from one exercise to the next with as little rest as possible. Repeat circuit 4 times then finish off with 4 rounds of sprints with 8% incline at 8mph.photo 1 (1)


  1. Sprints – 6 x 25 meter sprints (One right after the other)
  2. Rotated Wall Ball Throws -10 x each side w/10 pound med ball (Body is in a lunge position, with straight arms twist ball away from wall. Twist body back towards wall and with force toss ball at wall and catch.)
  3. Battle Ropes – 20 seconds
  4. Weighted Squat Jump – 15 reps with 25 pounds. (Make sure to bring your butt to 90 degrees. I set a box up and tap my bum to make sure I’m getting low enough.)
  5. Plyo Push Up – 12 reps
  6. Kettle Bell Swings – 20 reps

Repeat four times then sprint!

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