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Workout Video: Abs Isolation

Training your abs isn’t about throwing some crunches or leg lifts into your workout and hoping you wake up with a six pack one day. Your core is your body’s power house, and must be focused on for many good reasons. Our core keeps us steady in workouts, more efficient in movements and holds us upright as we go through our day. Whether you’re training your mid section for aesthetics appeal, or functional fitness, this abs workout will help you achieve your goal. You will be working your upper and lower abs, including your obliques during this routine. Be prepared for a challenge, and remember to breath!

For this abs workout, do 25 reps on each exercise, once through the entire circuit.

  1. 90 degree knee press (1 minute)
  2. Lower abs leg extension
  3. Reverse leg raise
  4. 30% extended leg drop with crunch
  5. Scissors
  6. 90 degree leg bend with pulsing crunch
  7. Ball plank with leg drops
  8. Ball roll in
  9. Ball plank
  10. Ball leg twist (ball between feet)
  11. Heel press crunch
  12. Reverse leg raise and lower (with ball)

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