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Workout Video: Upper Body Slide ‘n Sculpt

Get ready for an amazing upper body workout that will simultaneously challenge all the various muscles groups in your upper body. Don’t be fooled by the tame look of this workout – it’s actually a killer that will leave your muscles begging for mercy! The name ‘Slide ‘n Sculpt’ is no coincidence – it’s all the small muscles and tendons in your upper body that can really help tone and sculpt when activated properly. And lucky for you, all you need is 2 sliding disks, or 2 dish cloths – that means you can do even do this workout on the road in a hotel room bathroom if you need to!

Here is the complete workout written out. Try to complete 10-15 reps of each exercise with 10 seconds recovery in between. Your goal is to complete 3-4 rounds! Can you handle it?

  1. Ab slide out
  2. Sliding spider man push up
  3. Plank chest fly
  4. Plank spider man push up
  5. Alternating arm push up
  6. Push up with alternating knee
  7. Push up with mountain climbers
  8. Mountain climbers with disk


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