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You Will Be Successful

We all have 30 min/ This workout is perfect for the woman on the go or that mom who’s baby has decided that quick naps are the way to go:)
So how do you get the most effective workout in in the least amount of time.
I follow a system you may have heard of called “Burst Training” or the 5 Factor workout .
These workouts are based on the science that you don’t need to sweat it out in the gym for hours and hours to see results.
Don’t believe me? Well I’m going to post a weekly picture of my progress post baby:) The first picture that was taken is 8weeks after the baby.
 I use these workouts for the bootcamps I teach as well and the clients not only see great results they love the workouts because they are quick and effective.
SO what are they? Okay so I’ll give you a quick look at what a workout would look like or how I would map it out.
Start off your workout with a 5 min cardio warm up followed by 1 upper body exercise 1 lower body 1 core and then a 30-1 cardio burst. You only take a quick rest during these workouts IF YOU HAVE TO HAVE TO!!! This is meant to be powerful and quick so yes you may leave puking but oh well you’ll get over the feeling . As I told my husband who was doing this workout this morning…Its only temporary babe your body will get use to give so stop giving it excuses for wimping out. Needless to say he told me I’m a slave driver which I’m not:) I’m just determined to get people the results they want and deserve it a quick amount of time.

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